Refuge sign record deal with Frontiers Records

The German Powermetal band REFUGE around Metal icon Peter “Peavy” Wagner has recently signed a record deal with the Italian label Frontiers Records.

The Herne-based REFUGE, which consists of Manni Schmidt (guitars), Christos Efthimiadis (drums) and frontman/bassplayer Peavy Wagner, is the 1987 – 1994 line up of the German Metal institution RAGE. The former RAGE-members have teamed up again at the end of 2014 under the name REFUGE to play the old RAGE songs from their common time. What started out as a fun project, has since evolved into a very special band.

REFUGE-guitarist Manni Schmidt says: “When we played at a number of festivals last summer, we instantly realized that the chemistry was back. The shows worked out great and very naturally, there were ideas for new songs that we wanted to hold, because we liked them so much. Somehow the guys from Frontiers have heard about this and they offered us a deal. Peavy, Efthi and I are very thrilled to say that there will be a record released full of brand new songs by our band REFUGE!”

Refuge Contract signing Frontiers Records

Frontman Peavy Wagner also points out that releasing a new album with REFUGE won’t clash with his other band RAGE: “REFUGE and RAGE are two different bands now. With REFUGE, we are able to play songs of the old era that have never found their way to a setlist of a RAGE-show. REFUGE also consists of different musicians – except me – who have different ideas and a different vibe. REFUGE is more like old school …. The fans will find out latest when they will hold the new REFUGE album in their hands.” About the signing with Frontiers Music Peavy says: “The members of REFUGE are looking very much forward to working with such a reknowned label as Frontiers Music. The company’s roster is impressive and for all I know, Mario, Serafino and their crew are behind the band to a 100%. I can’t wait to start working with them.”

Mario de Riso, Marketing Director of Frontiers Music ads: “We are very happy to welcome REFUGE on our label. Since we are all fans of the “old” RAGE, we are particularly glad about the fact, that the band with the line – up from back then is a part of the Frontiers family now and we look forward to our future cooperation.”